Company philosophy

Decra Ltd is in the business of manufacturing and installing laminated and solid surfacing products. It is looking to continue expanding its operations in order to secure a dominant position in the marketplace, allowing it to prosper and to provide a reasonable return for the owners of the business.

What is valued?
People; who are the strength of the company and determine the company's reputation. Involvement and teamwork are valued, as is the internal culture required for these qualities to flourish.

Products; the end results of the efforts of the people, which should be the best for satisfying customer needs.

Profits; which are the ultimate measure of how efficiently the customers are provided with the best products for their needs. Profits are needed for growth.

Quality; must be the first priority to achieve customer satisfaction.

Customers; are at the heart of what is done. All work must consider their requirements, so that better products and services than those provided by our competitors can be achieved.

Continuous improvement; is essential to success. The company must strive for excellence in everything, especially the products and their value, in the services offered, relationships within and outside the company, competitiveness and profitability.

Employee involvement; is the key, treating each other with trust and respect .

Suppliers; are partners and mutually beneficial relationships must be maintained.

Integrity; should never be compromised. The conduct of the company should be socially responsible, anti-discriminatory and one that commands respect.

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Company philosophy





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